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Reference or modeli
Fill in the apparatus' model or the remote's reference for filtering the results

Force original remote controls

Original remote control FORCE 530TOriginal remote control FORCE 530TNot available(see available equivalences)ForceFor 1155 S, D-Master 1155 SOriginal remote control FORCE 320TOriginal remote control FORCE 320TNot available(see available equivalences)ForceOriginal remote control FORCE Canal DigitalOriginal remote control FORCE Canal DigitalNot available(see available equivalences)ForceOriginal remote control FORCE CR-TL10SOriginal remote control FORCE CR-TL10SNot available(see available equivalences)ForceOriginal remote control FORCE D-Master 1100SOriginal remote control FORCE D-Master 1100SNot available(see available equivalences)ForceOriginal remote control FORCE REMCON163Original remote control FORCE REMCON163Not available(see available equivalences)ForceFor DIGITAL, DUOMASTER 1030 S, DUO MASTER 1133 SPhoto not availableOriginal remote control FORCE RC1543 1541Not available(see available equivalences)ForcePhoto not availableOriginal remote control FORCE RC1546 1542Not available(see available equivalences)Force

Replacement Force remotes
Any replacement remote controls perform all the functions of the original remote control

Replacement remote control Force 1144SReplacement remote control Force 1144SAvailable in stock$ 18.89 (VAT included)ForceFor 1144 SReplacement remote control Force 1144TReplacement remote control Force 1144TAvailable in stock$ 18.89 (VAT included)ForceFor 1144 TReplacement remote control Force 1188TReplacement remote control Force 1188TAvailable in stock$ 18.89 (VAT included)ForceFor 1188 TReplacement remote control Force 1189SReplacement remote control Force 1189SAvailable in stock$ 18.89 (VAT included)ForceFor 1189 SReplacement remote control Force 1199SReplacement remote control Force 1199SAvailable in stock$ 18.89 (VAT included)ForceFor 1199 SReplacement remote control Force 20129233Replacement remote control Force 20129233Available in stock$ 25.66 (VAT included)ForceFor 20129233Replacement remote control Force 32HIGHDEFINITIONPLASMATVReplacement remote control Force 32HIGHDEFINITIONPLASMATVAvailable in stock$ 25.66 (VAT included)ForceFor 32HIGHDEFINITIONPLASMATVReplacement remote control Force 320SReplacement remote control Force 320SAvailable in stock$ 18.89 (VAT included)ForceFor 320 SReplacement remote control Force 320TReplacement remote control Force 320TAvailable in stock$ 18.89 (VAT included)ForceFor 320 TReplacement remote control Force 42HIGHDEFINITIONPLASMATVReplacement remote control Force 42HIGHDEFINITIONPLASMATVAvailable in stock$ 25.66 (VAT included)ForceFor 42HIGHDEFINITIONPLASMATVReplacement remote control Force 4205Replacement remote control Force 4205Available in stock$ 25.66 (VAT included)ForceFor 4205Replacement remote control Force 50HIGHDEFINITIONPLASMATVReplacement remote control Force 50HIGHDEFINITIONPLASMATVAvailable in stock$ 25.66 (VAT included)ForceFor 50HIGHDEFINITIONPLASMATV
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