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Reference or modeli
Fill in the apparatus' model or the remote's reference for filtering the results

Kiss original remote controls

Original remote control KISS RCKM3000Original remote control KISS RCKM3000Not available(see available equivalences)KissOriginal remote control KISS REMCON327Original remote control KISS REMCON327Not available(see available equivalences)KissFor DP 1500 S, DP 508Original remote control KISS REMCON478Original remote control KISS REMCON478Not available(see available equivalences)KissFor DP 558, VR 558Original remote control KISS REMCON487Original remote control KISS REMCON487Not available(see available equivalences)KissFor COOLWIEWOriginal remote control KISS REMCON801Original remote control KISS REMCON801Not available(see available equivalences)KissFor 1302 SOriginal remote control KISS REMCON1308Original remote control KISS REMCON1308Not available(see available equivalences)KissFor DP 1000, DP 1100, DP 330, DP 450, DP 500Original remote control KISS REMCON1386Original remote control KISS REMCON1386Not available(see available equivalences)KissFor 1600, DP 600

Replacement Kiss remotes
Any replacement remote controls perform all the functions of the original remote control

Replacement remote control Kiss 1302SReplacement remote control Kiss 1302SAvailable in stock$ 19.60 (VAT included)KissFor 1302 S, 1302SReplacement remote control Kiss 5501Replacement remote control Kiss 5501Available in stock$ 26.63 (VAT included)KissFor 5501Replacement remote control Kiss COOLWIEWReplacement remote control Kiss COOLWIEWAvailable in stock$ 26.63 (VAT included)KissFor COOLWIEWReplacement remote control Kiss DP1000Replacement remote control Kiss DP1000Available in stock$ 19.60 (VAT included)KissFor DP 1000Replacement remote control Kiss DP1100Replacement remote control Kiss DP1100Available in stock$ 19.60 (VAT included)KissFor DP 1100Replacement remote control Kiss DP1500SReplacement remote control Kiss DP1500SAvailable in stock$ 19.60 (VAT included)KissFor DP 1500 SReplacement remote control Kiss DP330Replacement remote control Kiss DP330Available in stock$ 19.60 (VAT included)KissFor DP 330Replacement remote control Kiss DP450Replacement remote control Kiss DP450Available in stock$ 19.60 (VAT included)KissFor DP 450Replacement remote control Kiss DP500Replacement remote control Kiss DP500Available in stock$ 19.60 (VAT included)KissFor DP 500Replacement remote control Kiss DP508Replacement remote control Kiss DP508Available in stock$ 19.60 (VAT included)KissFor DP 508Replacement remote control Kiss DP558Replacement remote control Kiss DP558Available in stock$ 19.60 (VAT included)KissFor DP 558Replacement remote control Kiss DP600Replacement remote control Kiss DP600Available in stock$ 19.60 (VAT included)KissFor DP 600Replacement remote control Kiss HOBARTReplacement remote control Kiss HOBARTAvailable in stock$ 26.63 (VAT included)KissFor HOBART
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