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Equivalent remote control

A remote control is equivalent when it performs each and every function of the original remote, with no exceptions.

An equivalent remote control can either be made by the same producer who made the device or by a different producer.

An equivalent control can be programmed at origin for a specific model or it can be programmed for the desired model with a PC.

The same type of control can be used for various kinds of device (TV, DVD, DTT, SAT, etc), which means that, sometimes, the buttons are not the same as on the original remotes. The same button can perform different functions if the remote is to be used with a TV or with, for example, a DVD.

A remote control is equivalent when it performs all the functions of the original without exception. The functions have been copied one by one and, therefore, there is no possibility that any are missing. It is possible that the user is unable to find a function, or that they may have to press two buttons at once, but this does not mean that the function is not included.

A remote is compatible or guaranteed 100% when it has been verified on various occasions by selling it to other clients, without having received any complaints about its use and when it performs all the functions of the original remote it is designed to substitute.


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